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What is Chad Now?

Chad Now is a breakthrough collective that brings together an expanse of individuals, efforts, and ideas in support of Chad. Our work ranges from awareness campaigns to targeted development work on the ground in Chad. We welcome those of all nationalities, faiths, and backgrounds to join in appreciating and building a more equal and prosperous tomorrow for Chad.

Our History

Chad Now began in 2007 when President James Gibson traveled to Chad on an Undergraduate Research Fellowship from The University of Texas at Austin. Sponsored by renowned Nigerian author Toyin Falola, James traveled to Chad to interact with refugee communities in eastern Chad and discover new solutions for water sanitation in displaced populations. Throughout the course of his trip, James discovered the warmth of the Chadian people and the beauty of Chad's culture. Upon returning from Chad, James added media and information to, making it the first travel guide for Chad published in English.

In the years since then, Chad Now has grown to an organization that boasts volunteers from six countries who speak a collective eleven languages. Chad Now's web presence has expanded to ten supporting websites, twelve videos on Chad, and numerous celebrated publications. In 2011 Chad Now became a registered nonprofit, and the same year, Chad Now leaders announced an official partnership with international NGO ENVODEV to expand the organization's work on the ground in Chad.

Chad Now has been a pioneer for Chad on the world stage, including most recently becoming the first to videotape the hidden ruins of Ouara, Chad.

Access to internet in Africa is still extremely restricted

Chad Now's Present, and Future

Leaders at Chad Now have charted an ambitious course and seek to dramatically expand all areas of Chad Now's present work in the coming years. Nevertheless, Chad Now does not advertise or fundraise, and funding challenges have stalled past efforts. In mid-2012, elements of were down because of lack of funding. Still, the resourcefulness of Chad Now aspires to match the resourcefulness of Chadians themselves, and plans for expansion of our work drive forward.

From Chad Now's founder

"I don't believe in guilting Westerners. I don't believe in selling suffering. I do believe in the Chadian people. And I do believe their magnanimity and brilliance is an example for the world. I want to tell that story - I want to show how much they gave me, and that giving back to them can be an enjoyable, profitable thing." -James Gibson

Chad Now is a registered nonprofit, and donations are tax-deductible under section 501(c)(3) of U.S. tax code. Financial donations are appreciated, although at Chad Now we realize other types of donations can prove just as valuable. If you wish to donate your time and talents through research, writing, translation, or travel, we welcome you to contact us.

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